Welcome to Dr. Sharma's Lab

Research Synopsis


  • We are indulging to open the new avenues for novel Cancer Testis/Germline (CT/CG) POTE antigens to be used for cancer immunotherapy for treating gynaecological cancer patients for better reproductive health. 

  • Chromatin has a defined 3-D organization inside the nucleus, which guides gene expression. Although this 3D Genome organization is just recently being defined to the molecular levels, there is much to be answered in this area.

  • Our lab is working to correlate the established molecular mechanisms for gene regulation e.g DNA methylation to be linked to the 3D genome organization inside the nucleus.Altogether this is an entirely new area in the field of cancer biology and studies are coming with new fascinating facts, and we are trying to be part of these strategies, with an ultimate goal to combat cancer. ”

Contact Us:

Lab. No 3029,

Department of Biochemistry,

All India Institute of Medical Sciences,

Ansari Nagar, New Delhi-110029,

Delhi, Bharat (India).

Email: ashok.sharma@aiims.edu

Phone: +91-11-26593545

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