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Ashish Rastogi
Data Entry Operator - C

Ashish Rastogi, a dedicated and driven individual who is passionate about using technology to revolutionise the healthcare industry. With a background in BCA and MCA, Ashish has developed a deep understanding of data analysis and management. As a valued member of the team at AIIMS Delhi, Ashish works as a data entry operator in the groundbreaking AI project "Artificial Intelligence in Oncology". This project aims to use big data and advanced computing to provide personalized diagnosis and treatment for cancer patients.Through his work, Ashish plays a critical role in the project's success, collecting and analyzing data to train an AI model that will change the face of cancer treatment. He is also involved in creating a front end for the project, showcasing his skills in both data management and web development.


Ashish's passion for using technology to improve healthcare outcomes is truly inspiring, and his dedication to the AI project at AIIMS Delhi is a testament to his commitment to making a positive impact in the world. With his impressive skills and unwavering determination, Ashish Rastogi is a rising star in the field of AI and data analysis.

Contact Information:

Call: +91-11-2659-3545


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