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Rashmi Gupta
Ph.D Student

I have done my Masters from CSJMU Kanpur U.P. I have been awarded CSIR-NET JRF twice (June 2017, and Dec 2017) and I have also been awarded DST-WOS-A. I have joined Dr. Sharma’s lab as a Ph.D. scholar at the Department of Biochemistry AIIMS NEW Delhi. My research aims to understand the immunological mechanisms involved in metastasis and progression of ovarian cancer. Currently, I am exploring the epigenetic regulation and immunotherapeutic potential of human cancer testis antigen/germline antigen POTE in ovarian cancer. I am very much eager to learn anything new and very much flexible which I think will help me achieving an extra mile to my career. 

Publications (2):

  1. Gupta, R., Jit, B.P., Kumar, S., Mittan, S., Tanwer, P., Ray, M.D., Mathur, S., Perumal, V., Kumar, L., Rath, G.K. and Sharma, A., 2022. Leveraging epigenetics to enhance the efficacy of cancer-testis antigen: a potential candidate for immunotherapy. Epigenomics, 14(14), pp.865-886

  2. Gupta, R., Jit, B. P., & Sharma, A. (2022). Epigenetic Mediated Regulation of Cancer-Testis/Germline Antigen and Its Implication in Cancer Immunotherapy: A Treasure Map for Future Anticipatory Medicine. Epigenetics and Anticipation, 149–166.

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